I met the Mothers when I was very little, because the Mothers work in the town where I was born, in Chilia, “La Libertad”. I admired the Mothers because they were very good, I saw them as angels and I wanted to be like them. I felt my vocation at a very young age. I remember that the kindergarten teacher asked me: “What do we want to be when we grow up? I answered that I wanted to be a “Little Mother”, because that is how we affectionately call Mothers in my town. That desire remained in me. And I have a lot to thank my parents for, because they taught me to pray the Rosary, took me to Mass every Sunday and encouraged me to participate in catechesis every Sunday. And so, the years went by.

When I went to high school, the Legion of Mary youth group was formed, and Mother Bethel was in charge of it. Every Saturday she would talk to us about something. One day, she asked each one of us what we wanted to be. I answered that I wanted to be a mother. Then Mother Bethel began to talk to me. I was already in the third year of high school, and one day Mother invited me to go to Caravelí, to visit the Convent, to meet the Mothers. At that time I was 15 years old, I talked to my parents, and they gave me permission, but only for two months. The trip was in January 2009, we went to Caravelí, I was received by the Mothers, and two beautiful months passed. When the Mothers told me that I had to return, I did not want to go back. I talked to my parents, but they wanted me to finish high school there. I was already returning because I did not have permission. I arrived in Lima, and there my sister helped me get the permit. She talked to my parents and I was able to return to Caravelí.

I was happy to do my aspirancy, my postulancy and my novitiate. Those were very happy years; one remembers beautiful things that one learns. Then came my profession, and very soon I went to the missions, I went to Patmos, to the mission. I am already professed, I made my perpetual vows in 2020. And then I was sent here to Cuba, this beautiful mission where I am. Well, that’s how my vocation came about, that’s how the Lord called me.

Madre Gertrudis MJVV, Perú.

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