Our spirit is of “DOCENTING AND PENITENT CHARITY,” which is the inscription we carry on our medal.

TEACHING CHARITY: We do this through the proclamation of the Word of God, as Heralds of Christ, bringing His Word to the faithful. Just as “Christ became flesh,” it is also true to say that “Christ became letter.” So, by proclaiming his Word, we proclaim Christ himself. For if we profess and proclaim “Christ incarnate,” we can do the same with “Christ inletted” that we find in the BIBLE.

PENITENT CHARITY: We do this through small sacrifices and a penitent life, following the example of Christ Himself, who spared no sacrifice for our love and salvation by His sacrifice on the CROSS.

Therefore, we lead a life consecrated to Jesus Word (Bible) and Victim (Cross), and following Christ’s example we follow the Evangelical Counsels of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, to glorify God, sanctify ourselves and our neighbor.