Our Mission

The reason Bishop Frederick Kaiser founded the MJV Congregation was because he wanted to satisfy “the call of the Andes,” as he called it.

On one occasion, a lady, after spending a few months on the Peruvian coast, had to return to the Andes and complained to him, “Father, we don’t have a priest there, no one baptizes our children, we can’t go to confession or receive communion, and when our time comes, we die without the help of the sacraments.” The lady’s sobs were engraved in Father Kaiser’s soul and he could not forget this cry from the Andes.

n addition to this, there was a shortage of priests in the new Prelature, which he had to take care of as a shepherd does with his sheep. Therefore, our mission is to take care of the remote, abandoned and poor places that do not have spiritual attention due to the lack of priests.

For this reason, the Church has granted us to carry out the pastoral care of these areas, in dependence of the Bishop of the diocese. We do this through:

  • Celebration of the Word

  • Administration of the Holy Eucharist

  • Catechesis

  • Administration of baptism

  • Marriage assistance

On the other hand, the human being is not only soul, but also and first of all body, so that:

  • We assist materially and spiritually the sick, the elderly and the dying.

  • We lead processions and encourage the fervor of the faithful.

  • We train catechists

  • We give Bible courses

  • We teach religion in schools in the area where we work.

  • We make home visits, taking an interest in getting to know and helping our faithful in their human and Christian formation.

  • We promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

In short, this is OUR MISSION: to prepare the way for the priest, through the catechesis and pastoral work we do, making it possible that when the priest comes to these places, 2 or 3 times a year, he finds the faithful well prepared to make a good confession, to receive the Eucharist with fervor and to participate in Holy Mass, and/or to receive the oil of the sick. This makes the apostolate much more fruitful.