Prayer for sinners:

O God the Father, Holy and merciful. You detest sins and love sinners, you do not want anyone to be lost in the unquenchable flames of hell, but that all may be converted and, persevering in your grace, reach the bliss of heaven. Your Son Jesus Christ has suffered for the sins of the whole world the torment of his passion. United with Jesus the Victim, we desire to participate in his atoning work, as we too, following his example, bear the sins of the world, which weigh on Jesus as if they were his own fault. Just and loving Father, forgive sinners, save them. We offer you the humiliations and pains of our sacrifices and penances, beseeching you, give to all sinners the grace of sincere contrition, of a firm resolution to make amends and to confess well, and the priceless gift of persevering in your sanctifying and saving grace until the end of their lives. Amen.

Prayer for perseverance:

Mary tender Mother of your most abandoned children, implore for the missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim the fullness of the Holy Spirit and pray for them that they may remain faithful, steadfast and holy, fervent and untiring, ever teaching and penitent in the place and mission that your divine Son has destined for them. Amen.

Prayer before the crucifix:

Jesus, my God, here I see you in your sufferings. You are nailed to the cross. Who has done this? It was I. Truly, I have behaved very badly with you. My sins have offended you. They hurt you. My sins were the hammer blows that nailed you.

My poor Jesus, I beg your forgiveness. You are innocent. Without sin, without any guilt. All the blame is on me. I should be there on the cross. I deserve it. Not you. But you sacrifice yourself in my place. That’s the way you want it. You love me so much. You suffer for me. You are tortured for me. Nails in your hands and feet torment you. You are martyred by the thorns of the crown on your head. Thus, you shed your blood. Drop by drop. You agonize for me. And you die in unspeakable pains, for me.

From now on I want to be another, another. Never again must you suffer because of me. A spear has pierced your heart. The wound is deep. It is great. The blood is flowing. I beseech Thee, Jesus, let a drop of Thy most holy blood now fall upon my soul, to wash it clean from all sin, to make it clean and holy. Holy as at my baptism. Sanctified anew by Thy most holy and saving blood.

My dear Jesus. I do not doubt that You have forgiven my sins. What can I do in penance for my guilt so great? See that I am sick, sick, I offer You, my sufferings. May they be my penance. I want to be patient, without complaining. Let us suffer, then, together, You and I. Thus, I hope to sanctify myself more. Thus, I hope to sanctify myself more.

Virgin Mary, sorrowful Mother, pray for me to your Jesus. Have mercy on me. Pray for me and for all sinners, now and at the hour of my death.