• We must take every opportunity to enrich our knowledge.
  • Count on me even after I leave for eternal life.”
  • Let us take care of everything we have in use, let us take care of it as God’s property.
  • Let us get used to putting rhythm into our work. Whatever it is, we need to start it, once started, give it a rhythm, continue it, finish it soon and well.
  • Please consider these words as the will of God: “What is good we imitate, what is bad we atone for, and then never criticize.”
  • Do not allow bad things to be said about an absent person in your presence, much less criticize them.
  • If there is overtime for work, why isn’t there overtime for prayer?
  • Let yourself be invaded by the Spirit of Love and give yourself faithfully to Love “so that your joy may be complete”.
  • The greatest graces are received in suffering.