Some time ago, two of us mothers went out on our usual missions in Tin Tin, the Alto area, to one of the centers called Santiago and its communities. It was winter, in this area it is very cold. We were equipped for evangelization as well as for medical assistance with the most necessary things. We arrived at about four o’clock in the afternoon. We rang the bell, a sign of our presence, and began to arrange the chapel and our little room.

Later our faithful arrived, we prayed the Rosary, had the Celebration of the Word and a catechesis with songs. As we said goodbye to everyone, we noticed a young man of about 20 years of age at the back of the chapel. He approached us and asked us if we had medicine, to which we answered “yes”. And we asked him if he could please come back early the next morning so that we could treat him well, since it was already very late. He answered: “OK, little mothers, tomorrow I will come”. The next day he knocked on the door, it was early. The mother in charge of the medicine attended him.

The young man complained of pain in his leg. The mother asked him to lift up his pants so she could see him. The young man blushed a little, but did so. His thigh was wrapped with a cloth that was totally stained with pus and emitted a putrid odor. The Mother asked:

– What happened?

– I got a pimple, it was itchy and after a while pus started to come out.  At the post office they gave me pills, but it doesn’t do anything. I went to a healer and he told me it’s from the bone, he has smoked me with his herbs but it doesn’t do anything. And since it does not cure, I turned to the brothers, they have prayed for me and told me that I have to fast because I must have sins. Time goes by and I am getting worse, that is why I have come to you.

– Julian, first I have to wash the wound, then I have to heal with what we have. I am going to give you an ampoule for the infection and vitamins.

– Mother, that vitamin is going to make me hungry and the brothers have told me to fast.

– If you want to be cured, you have to eat.

– All right, little mother.

During those three days Mother healed the wound and applied the medicine corresponding to the infection. Finishing our apostolic work, we moved on to another village, leaving the young man in God’s hands. We did what we could.

After two years, we went to a patronal feast and it was a great surprise to meet Julian. He ran to meet us and told us: “Mother, I am cured! Now I am going to get married, I have come with my future wife. He introduced her to us. They asked for their marriage talk to get married on the Feast day. We rejoiced with them and gave thanks to God, for guiding our intelligence and our hands to be able to alleviate the sickness of our faithful. Many of them for lack of money do not resort to hospitals or health centers, leaving the disease to advance and become chronic.

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