Two years ago, Yara’s parents came to ask for the baptism of their little girl because she wanted to come to catechesis, she begged and cried that she wanted to come to catechesis, she was only seven years old and we had told her that it would be nice to have her baptised, but they put as a condition a godmother who was protestant. So, we tried to dissuade them by looking for other godparents, but they didn’t want to. Then the child and Covid’s godmother became ill and everything came to a standstill. A few months after the child turned eight years old, the mother called again asking if she could come to catechesis with her child and we said yes, there was no problem.

The girl kept crying and asking her mother that she wanted to come to the convent with the Mothers. So Yara began her catechesis at the age of eight, she is a very happy, simple and alert child. She comes to her catechesis every Saturday with great joy. We talked to her parents about setting a date to baptise her, seeing that she was so interested in being a child of God. So the date was set for Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil of this year 2022. The little girl was coming for her preparation for baptism as she had a special ceremony as she was a catechumen. Her parents and godparents came to the talk and were very enthusiastic with her because they were contagious with her joy of faith, they also baptised their other little Catalina, who is almost two years old. In the classes we taught her what our founding father told us about baptism, the importance of divine life and she liked very much this phrase: “Blessed is the hour in which I was born a creature of God, but a thousand times more blessed is the hour in which I was baptised a child of God”.

When the day of the baptism arrived and it took place during the Easter Vigil ceremony, something very interesting happened.  The ceremony was attended by almost the whole family who are evangelical. Her aunt, her grandmother, etc. They were all present to accompany Yara. And they were very attentive to all the readings that night, a very long night with almost 7 readings.

Until the moment arrived: Yara was happy and a bit nervous at the moment of her baptism. She made her entrance alone, in the middle of the red carpet we had prepared. With a clear and strong voice she renounced Satan and made her profession of faith.  At last the yearnings of this little girl’s heart came true. Now our dear Yara is a child of God. And she is preparing to receive her First Communion.

Mother María Chantal MJVV

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