When I was one year old, my family and I moved from Huancayo to Cañete. Because of my father’s work, when I was three years old, we had to go to a small town called “San Jeronimo”, in Cañete. There I met the Mothers who work in the Catahuasi patmos. It was the first time I had met the Sisters because I had never seen them before. I had a meeting with them, and they invited me to help them with the children in the catechesis. I began to like their life. My religion teacher was very close to the Mothers, and she invited me when there was a meeting with the Mothers, to represent the school.

I really liked to recite poetry. In the month of May, for the month of the Virgin Mary, the Mothers organized a declamation contest, and I attended on behalf of my school. The Mothers liked my poem so much that I was awarded first place. From then on, I was invited to every event they organized. I started to get closer to them, because I liked what they were doing.

When I was thirteen years old, one day I went to accompany the Mothers to give communion to an old man. There I could feel how they treat others. The old man was poor, very poor, he was on the floor. This time, my father and my mother also accompanied me. Mother approached the old man and kissed him on the forehead, she treated him with so much affection that I was very impressed. When we got home, my father, very excited, told me: “Look, daughter, how they are, they don’t distinguish anyone, they love everyone equally”.

I always went to accompany the Mothers.  I realized that I had a vocation, and I spoke to a Mother, asking her if I could join the Congregation. She said yes. Then at Christmas, I visited her convent in Patmos de Catahuasi. There I could see their mission more closely, and I decided to go to Caravelí. So on December 29, 2011, I joined the Congregation.

Madre Aída MJVV, Perú.

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