In the 10th Ordinary Session, on 14 May this year, the Chamber of Deputies of Salta-Jujuy, made a recognition to the Missionaries of Jesus Verbo y Víctima, in their 40th anniversary of pastoral work in the puna of Salta, Jujuy. Specifically in the mission centre San Antonio de los Cobres.

The session was chaired by the head of the body, Esteban Amat Lacroix, accompanied by the first and second vice-presidents, Verónica Saicha and Gladys Paredes, respectively; the legislative secretary, Raúl Medina, and the administrative secretary, Gastón Galíndez. In addition, the Legislative Prosecretary, Pedro Mellado, and the Administrative Prosecretary, Margarita Vega.

Here are the words of recognition from Deputy Gerónimo Arjona:

All men are called to the same end. Of all visible creatures, only man is capable of knowing and loving his creator. And in this he carries out his actions in the service of his neighbour, as a response of faith and love, in the place where he carries out his task. It is worthy to highlight in this space of homage, the praiseworthy work that the Missionaries of Jesus, Word and Victim, have been carrying out in the Puna Salta Jujeña. Forty years of pastoral work, in the service of God and neighbour, with their motto, Teaching and Penitent Charity, in all their incarnated work, they not only kept their motto in mind, but also worked tirelessly in the formation of catechists, mission to all the villages and towns of the Puna, administration of the sacrament of Baptism, Marriage, Celebration of the Word of God, assistance to the sick, the elderly, the dying, formation of different parish groups, growth of faith in our community through the manifestation of pilgrimages and other activities.

Work for the most needy, without leaving anyone aside, such as our children, young people, adults and the elderly. To carry out pastoral work in places where priests are not present, instilling ethical, moral and religious values. It is fundamental, and essential today in our community to go this recognition on behalf of our people and the department of the Andes, happy Ruby Wedding, forty years of presence in our lands. Thank you very much Missionaries of Jesus, Word and Victim.

Resolution number 126: The Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Salta resolves to declare of interest of this Chamber the work carried out by the community of the Missionaries of Jesus, Word and Victim, in the Puna, initiated on May 20, 1984, commemorating forty years of their pastoral work with the motto: Teaching and Penitent Charity in the locality of San Antonio de los Cobres.

Given in the Chamber of the Chamber of Sessions.

Signed Doctor Raúl Romero Medina, legislative secretary of Esteban Amat Lacroix, President of the Chamber of Deputies, who presents this recognition together with the author of the project of Deputy Arjona.


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