One of our goals set at the beginning of 2020 was to train women leaders who support evangelization, since we don’t have catechists in all of our communities. The women would help the catechists with singing and reciting the rosary. They would be of great help in other communities that do not have catechists. With this objective, we plan the meeting of the catechists three times a year, for five days.

When we were still running our business normally for the year, we were surprised by the mysterious COVID 19 which paralyzed the whole world and forced us to postpone our plans for almost six months. Despite everything, following the protocols, we managed to do it in October. The course was organized in two phases, in the morning the theoretical studies: Holy History, Bible, Apologetics, Christian doctrine, spirituality and Christian piety. And in the afternoon singing, human training and painting on canvas, which was a strategy to attract them.

We successfully completed the first course, our participants returned very happy and eager to return in 2021 and encouraged other women to participate.

In 2021 we start some activities at our mission headquarters. We form a group of Family Education women, with them we carry out courses and reflections on canvas once a week, trying to involve them in their Christian life.

During this period, in 2021, we were lucky enough to hold two courses with multiple participants, who gradually joined the group of catechist guides. We conclude with an exhibition of their work and a lunch.

With God’s help, we have been able to carry out these activities successfully. Continuing with the same task for the next year, we hope that this group of women will be of great help in our ministry, families solid in their marriage and suitable people who make society more just and fraternal.

Patmos of Yawisla, Bolivia

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